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What is Reiki ?

Reiki is a Japanese word which means "Universal Life Force Energy". The word Reiki comes from the Japanese roots "Rei" which means "Spirit" or "Soul" and "Ki" which means "Energy that is originally connected to a sense of air or atmosphere that pervades and surrounds". This energy is the cosmic Energy that flows through the Universe. All of us are born with this energy and sustain ourselves with its help.

In simpler words, to form an analogy, we explain Reiki in the following way:
We start breathing as soon as we are born, but the method of taking breath in a better way and in ample quantity is known as "Pranayam". Similarly, right from our birth, we take cosmic energy through our Chakras, but the way of taking Cosmic energy in an ample quantity, due to Enlargement of our Chakras (by a process called Attunement), is known as "Reiki".

Historically, Reiki is a methodology, which was rediscovered and redefined in its current form by Dr. Mikao Usui. This knowledge came from the ancient scriptures of Budhdhhism and is reformed version of the ancient knowledge of the Indian monks and sages about the nature of spirit, energy and matter and they used this knowledge to heal their bodies, harmonize their souls and for enhancing their spirituality to obtain unity with The Divine.

The key thing about Reiki is the simplicity. Everyone is born with the capacity to absorb and redirect energy, however, when a person learns Reiki, the Reiki Master attunes him by a process called "Attunement". This attunement increases the capacity of the Chakras (energy centres) of the person by expanding them, and hence, he can now absorb and redirect energy in higher amounts. Once the person has gained attunement, the very thought of taking or giving Reiki is capable of pulling and channeling the energy. All that the person needs to heal himself/ others is to just have a thought form that he is absorbing the energy from the Universe and passing it to the affected area.

The key points about Reiki how fares with respect to other popular Alternative Therapies is as follows:

Pranayam/ Exercises/ Walks Reiki
Requires 30 to 45 minutes. Requires 15 to 20 minutes.
Cannot be performed for sometime after meals. Can be taken at anytime.
Should not be practiced in warm climate. Can be practiced in any climate.
Should not be practiced when the practitioner is sick. Can be practiced when the practitioner is sick, moreover it is beneficial and provides instant relief.
Cannot be practiced during menstruation cycle or during pregnancy. Can be practiced during menstruation cycle or during pregnancy for both yourself and others.
The practitioner might not like to follow these methods in case when he is tired or has not slept well i.e. when he�s stressed out. The beauty of this therapy is that the practitioner can take treatment while lying down and resting too. Moreover it relieves the stress almost instantaneously.
Major benefit is only in physical wellbeing. Benefits of this therapy can be obtained on all physical, mental and emotional levels and it ensures all-round wellbeing.
Only the practitioner will be benefited. The practitioner can take the treatment himself and also treat others. Thus, others can avail benefit from him too.
If not practiced in the right manner with perfection, these methods have potential of causing adverse effects. Being a divine positive energy, there are no chances of any adverse effects due to Reiki. There are no side effects what-so-ever.