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More About Healing

Here, we will try to cover some of the subtle questions about the effects of treatment.

Q. Which are the therapies you use for giving treatment?

The therapies that we use for treating are Reiki, Pranic Healing, Su-Jok and Acupressure. Whereas, for self-treatment, we teach Reiki. The reason for this is that Pranic Healing is more technical as compared to the relatively straight-forward Reiki.
Apart from this, we also give Su-Jok treatment, impart basic knowledge about Pranayam and provide Counselling for better results.

Following is a graphical representation of the Effects of our Treatments.

Q. Who can take Treatment?

Anyone, who is not unwilling to accept the treatment can be given the treatment. A person can be given treatment, and we have obtained positive results even if patient is unaware that he is getting treated. Yet, if the person is aware and takes the treatment with faith, more positive results can be obtained faster.
Moreover, there is no limitations on age and kids are found to be more receptive to energy since they have no blockages. We have also found animals (pets in a lot of cases) responding very positively to this energy.

Q. Does the person taking the treatment need to be physically present?

The advanced form of Reiki and Pranic can be given beyond the boundaries of space and time. Thus, even if a person is not physically present, a distance treatment can be given. We have a huge number of people, whom we have never met, but have obtained very optimistic results with the distance treatement methodology. Moreover, in the distance treatment, since the person doesn't need to be physically present, no additional time needs to be spent from the patient's end.

Q. Are there any restrictions if we take the treatment?

There are absolutely no restrictions of any kind for taking these treatments. No changes are needed from the person with respect to food, medicines and/or life-style.

Q. How long will it take before I get treated?

All the natural therapies may take some time for the results to appear depending upon the nature and the scale of the disorder. Moreover, the amount of time it takes for visible improvements to be evident may change from person to person.
However, in most of the cases, we have seen that there will be at least a visible improvement within the first 3 sessions of treatement itself.

Q. What are the diseases/ disorders where your treatments have been effective?

Over the years, we have had patients coming to us with a variety of disorders and have found positive results for all the different disorders. Even in diseases like Advanced Cancer, where we cannot cure the problem, taking treatment does provide relief in the pain and the trauma that the disease brings.

Q. Are there any extra benefits to the students?

Taking treatment helps the students into multiple ways. Not only does it reduce the exam phobia, but it also aids in improving the receiver's memory and concentration levels. Moreover, a lot of students have observed improved concentration and reduction of anxiety when they attend exams with the help of distance treatments.

Q. Will taking the treatment help me in leaving vices like smoking or alcohol?

The treatments also help in removing vices like smoking/alcohol provided the person wants to leave them. Taking the treatment nullifies/reduces the impact of not taking the particular vice at physical and/ or mental levels, when attempting to discontinue the habit.

Q. Should I take the treatment, even if I am not ill?

Rather than working only on diseases, the treatments also help improve the body resistance and mental well-being. This is similar to getting a service done, even if the vehicle is working fine. Taking the treatment improves the metabolism and hence reduces the chances of being inflicted by illness or trauma and also slows down the impact of aging.