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Misconceptions About Reiki

There are a lot of Misconceptions or Mis-communication spread about Reiki.
This section tries to clear some of those, in case you have any other doubts, please Contact Us.

Q. What Reiki is Not?

Reiki is neither a sect nor a Religion, it is also not a Cult. Reiki has no relations with Tantra-Mantra, Satan worship or Black magic. It has absolutely no connections with psychic powers or hypnotism.
Reiki is a form of Science by which, we can increase our capacity to absorb the Cosmic Energy from the Universe and re-direct it from our hands to wherever we want it.

Q. Will understanding Reiki be very complex to me?

Learning and Practicing Reiki is as easy as putting the hands on the affected area and imagining that energy is being given. The energy passed with this methodology is smart enough to know exactly how much energy is needed and how it should act. This makes Reiki very simple and straight-forward. No specific education is needed for learning Reiki and anyone can learn it.

Q. If I practice Reiki in a wrong way, will I hurt myself/ the reciever? Also, will giving someone else energy deplete energy from my body?

Reiki is a purely positive energy. It cannot hurt and even cannot be used in any negative form what-so-ever.
Moreover, when we give Reiki to someone, the person does not absorb any energy from the Healer's body, on the contary, not all the energy that the healer absorbs from the Universe gets passed on to the reciever. Some part of the energy remains with the healer and empowers his body. Hence, giving a treatment gives a refreshing feel to the healer rather than causing tiredness.